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AME Diamond Tools
Arix Line-up Diamond Cutting Saw Blade Provide 30-50% Faster Provide 30-50% Longer Lifetime
Wet Air Polisher
Lower vibrate and noise with excellent performance


ELA Wet Air Polisher, Air grinder, Air cutter; CNC tools for stone processing; Arix Diamond Cutting Saw Blade and so on

Who we are

Xiamen AME Diamond Tools specializes in the production and sales of a full range of quality diamond stone tools. Includes Diamond Cutting Saw Blades, Stone Profiled Wheels, Grinding Discs, Diamond Polishing pads, Drilling Tools, Diamond Tools for CNC Machine, Wet Pneumatic Tools, Easy Cutting Machines, and so on.

Our factory has more than 20 years of production experience, insisting on modern management, advanced technology, strict quality control system, strong production capacity, and best service as the basis to provide you with quality products.

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Wet Air Polisher
& Grinder Cutter Flute set

ELA air polishers are developed and manufactured in our factory, widely used in polishing Marble, Granite, Quartz Stone, and Concrete. The following are working videos of several products for your reference.

Diamond Cutting
&Profiling Grinding Drilling

Sintered products are also a strength of our company, such as: Cutting Saw Blades, Profiling Wheels, Grinding Blocks, CNC tools, etc. Below are the product used in the customer’s factory.

Our Categories

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Including sizes from 4″ to 70″ cutting blades for Granite, Marble, Dekton, Quartz, Ceramic

Router bits are good at edge profile by portable machine and hand grinder. 

Full series CNC tools for stone, Profile wheels, Finger bits, Drill bits, and Cutting blades.

For stone face or edge polishing, grinding with the coarse grit cup wheels or grinding wheel.

The Air polisher and grinder could be used with water. The fluting set is easy for countertop fabrication.


Dry & Wet polishing pads, Electroplated polishing pads are very good for all stone, concrete.

Cutting machine, 45° Clamp, Countertop sink hole anti-crack, Stone Sucker.

Drilling tools including dry and wet using a core bit for stone, ceramic, are different from the segment. 

Our projects

Natural stones and construction materials such as granite, marble, basalt, travertine, sandstone, concrete, asphalt, etc., can be worked with our tools. Below are real projects on our customers’ factory. 

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