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Resin Diamond Dry and Wet Polishing Pad for All Stones Concrete 3 Steps

AME diamond polishing pad with a new generation of resin + diamond formula for wet or dry polishing all types of stone or even concrete.

Diameter: 80, 100, 150, 180, 250
Grit: 1#, 2#, 3#
Thread: Velcro
Applied Machine: Hand grinder, Hand polisher

Additional information

Product Details:

The AME diamond polishing pads are very easy to handle on a polisher, very aggressive, and have better performance when combined with our backer pads. In addition, the sticking is firm and does not fall off easily while polishing with water or not.

Wet or dry stone polishing results in a very high shine and no decolorization of the stone. White marbles, for example, remain white marbles. Combining the long lifespan with 2-3 times longer durability.

1> Diamond polishing pad dry or wet using;
2> With a high diamond concentration;
3> Very fast to polishing to a high gloss result;
4> No decoloration of the material.


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