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Multi Blade Diamond Segment For Stone Mining Cutting

Application: Marble, Limestone, Travertine

Feature: Fast Cutting, No Chipping, Easy Opening, Long Lifespan

Main feature:
1. High efficiency, environmentally friendly, easy operation, no edge breaks.
2. Advanced diamond techniques are used to create segments of a high-quality diamond.
3. There is no segment drop off, no deformation, silent, and non-silent for different quality levels
4. M shapes, K shapes, taper shapes, flat shapes, T shapes, U shapes, etc., with perfect formulas.
5. Diamond blades with minimal chipping for long-lasting performance.

Additional information

Product Details:

1. Different formulas should be designed and a guarantee of the performance cost must be provided based on the fraction of hard, medium, soft, abrasive stone used.
2. The diamond segment is made of finely selected diamond that provides strength and toughness to ensure their sharpening properties and longevity.
3. Advanced sintering technology with well-controlled temperature and pressure ensures that diamond segments are highly resistant to abrasion.
4. We control quality and stability with in-line and final inspection.
5. Different quality and size options are available for different markets.

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