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Diamond Wire Saw Rope For Granite Marble Block Stone Cutting


1. Cuts well with a small slot.

2. Low breakage rate at working thus long service life.

3. It is highly efficient, safe, low-noise, low-dust, and environmentally friendly.

4. Stable quality is ensured by professional engineers, experienced workers, a strict quality control system, and high-quality materials.

5. We accept custom specifications upon request.

Additional information

Product Details:

Diamond wire saws are categorized by the coating and trimming method as rubber, plastic, spring, rubber with spring, electroplated, and vacuum brazed.

1. Diamond Wire Saw For Quarry :
Rubber rope protects the wire saw well and increases its strength. Rubber is resistant to high temperatures, so it can be used when water is insufficient. Rubber’s high elasticity can reduce the problem of cuts in one direction. Wire saw machines with 37-75 kW are commonly used in granite & marble quarries, with the water supply being controlled between 25 and 50 l/min according to the area of cutting.

2. Diamond Wire Saw For Block:
For processing marble and granite blocks, we suggest plastic wire. These wires can be cut accurately with little interspace. The plastic wire is also an excellent choice for shaping operations because it offers a wide variety of possibilities. The surface is smooth, and it makes small spaces with accurate sizes. Columns and building elements can be produced much more economically.

3. Diamond Multi-Wire Saw For Slab Cutting:
Various types of large granite slabs can be cut with diamond multi-cutting wire saws.
Using a modern gang saw, an average of 3000 to 4000 square meters of slabs with a thickness of 2mm can be produced in a month. With the multi-wire, slabs between 1 and 5 cm thick can be cut over 5000 to 6000 square meters.


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