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Diamond Sanding Block Electroplated Diamond Hand Polishing Pad

It is mainly used to grind hard materials such as stone, glass, ceramic, hard plastic, and fiberglass. It is perfect for trimming edges, removing stains or chips, and polishing corners and areas that cannot be reached by the machine.

Size: 95L*60W*30Hmm
Usage: Dry or wet use
Electroplated Grit: #60 #100 #200 #400
Resin Grit: #800 #1500 #3000

Additional information

Product Details:


The diamond hand polishing pads with foam-backed like the KGS new products. Ideal for final finishing of all kinds of materials such as stone, concrete, glass, ceramic and porcelain, and so on.

The diamond bonded hand pads with grit: 60# 100# 200# 400# pads are electroplated diamonds. And the grit 800# 1500# 3000# are resin bonded diamonds.


1. The Electroplated Hand pads serve a variety of manual applications and are versatile tools;
2. There is no deformation of the working layer;
3. Grinding partial flat surfaces with high efficiency;


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