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Diamond Granite Segment For Granite Block Stone Cutting

Our diamond segments formula for multi-cutter blades, single discs, and bridge cutter has matured.

The diamond segment with an M-shape design makes diamond opening easier.

The Granite Block Cutting Segment for Granite cutting is excellent in sharpness and efficiency, and it has a long lifespan.

The granite cutting segment can even have the same size and shape as a granite slab when it is cut.

Additional information

Product Details:

In our granite diamond segment, we use a bonding formulation containing uniformly distributed diamond particles. AME granite segment, the cutting efficiency is much higher than similar products in China.

The formula of the diamond segment can be modified according to the problems encountered during the cutting process, in order to meet the different demands for the granite diamond segments. It can be done by increasing sharpness or stability or by extending cutting life, for example. A diamond segment’s appearance and packaging can be designed and customized to meet the customer’s needs, and the purpose is that it will help customers sell their products better, and ensure that they will be able to sell and use diamond segments and previous connections smoothly.

Using our Granite diamond segments, you can cut various types of granite with varying hardness, such as green granite, black granite, red granite, and grey granite.


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