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Diamond Marble Cutting Blade for Bridge Cutting Machine


* The fan shape design can reduce vibration, and cracking, as well as have good sharpening and life.

* The unique formula used for wet cutting high hardness white engineered stone and quartzite;

* Especially U-type steel blades and closely spaced segment design blades can reach high and stable speed with less chipping.

Available Diameter: 250mm/10inch, 300mm/12inch, 350mm/14inch, 400mm/16inch, 450mm/18inch, 500mm/20inch

Segment Height: 8mm / 10mm

Bore: 50mm, 60mm

Cutting Condition: Wet Use

Application: Marble

Additional information

Product Details:

Due to the complex characteristics of natural marble, such as soft, fragile, its hardness and structure vary greatly from one marble to another, and some natural marble has many stripes and cracks. So that requires a harder bond to cut.

How to choose the best-wet saw blade for marble?

By observing whether the welding seam of the marble segment is complete and tidy, whether the segment of the marble cutting saw blade and the substrate are aligned on the horizontal plane if the segment is uneven and the canine teeth are staggered, it is likely to cause the marble chipping during use, or even the segments fall off.

Choose the appropriate size according to your own cutting board needs and the size of the machine used.

Should choose the cost-effective marble cutter blade according to the board you cut. E.g: too poor quality saw blades for general boards may not be able to cut, but too good performance may cause waste. Therefore, you need to choose the saw blade according to your material.

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