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Double Side Electroplating Saw Blade for Marble M14

The using machine of Electroplated diamond saw blades are usually like: angle grinders, circular saws, or handheld saws for cutting granite or marble, etc.  Angle Grinder with M14 thread or 20/22.23H is commonly used for this purpose.

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Product Details:

For the Electroplated Diamond Cutting Saw Blade, we have many styles for you not only the 4 kinds shown in the image. Please contact us for other shapes or styles of Electroplated Cutting Discs.

Advantages Of Electroplated Diamond Cutting Saw Blade:

  • Better cutting performance than sintered diamond cutting blades, without causing broken edges;
  • The blade has dual functions, as it can be used both for cutting and grinding;
  • With an aluminum flange fixed blade, cutting work can be more efficient and stable;
  • A continuous cutting disc provides a smoother cut on marble or ceramic tiles;
  • A segmented rim cutting disc is better to cut marble, granite, or quartz stone;
  • It won’t lose its shape after a long time of use.

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