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Diamond Dekton Blade Works for Porcelain Ceramic Cutting

To meet different needs, we offer straight diamond cutting and mitered diamond cutting blades. The blades achieve a low amount of chipping on the surface of the cut slab, good cutting quality, fast cutting speed, and high cutting efficiency.

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Product Details:

The Dekton material has been developed by high-tech and is new compared to traditional building materials. It has an extreme hardness, density, toughness, and brittleness, and normal granite diamond saw blades can’t cut it. A special diamond cutting disc and special cutting formula are required for processing. AME Diamond Tools has developed a special diamond saw blade for it after several years of development and research. We offer Dekton Diamond Saw Cutting Blades for cutting harder materials such as Dekton, as well as ceramic, neolith, and engineered stone. Through the segments and J-slot on the steel core, water can flow over the sides of the segments as the blade cuts the materials, reducing chipping and reducing friction. By doing so, the blade stays cooler and reduces friction during cutting.

Available Diameter: 250mm/10inch, 300mm/12inch, 350mm/14inch, 400mm/16inch, 450mm/18inch, 500mm/20inch

Segment Height: 8mm / 10mm

Bore: 25.4mm, 50mm, 60mm

Cutting Condition: Wet Use

Application: Dekton, porcelain, ceramic, neolith and engineered, and many more other hard materials.

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