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CNC tool 1/2G connector automated machine diamond finger bits

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The CNC Finger bit has included segmented finger bit, vacuum brazed diamond finger bits, Electroplated finger bit, and incremental finger bits for Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Engineered Stone. It is deal for fast removal and turing up saw lines. We can produce the bond base on different materials. The soft bond finger bit is perfect for granite and hard stones. To cut a hard stone, granite diamond finger bits need to have a softer bond, so that the diamonds can be exposed sooner to facilitate cutting. However, a softer stone, a diamond finger bit with a harder bond is the best, so that the diamonds will not be exposed as quickly.

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Cuts faster and last longer
With a clean finish
Less noise

5,500-5,800 RPM

Feed Rate of 200mm /min for the first 2 meters, then 300-350mm /min (depending on the stone) after the bit is broken in.

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