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CNC Diamond Edge Profiling Wheel for Granite Marble Engineered

The CNC Profile Wheel is used on CNC machines to shape the edge or curve line of granite and marble stone countertops. Sets from coarse to fine, finished shapes, including Segmented sintered, Continuous, and resin bonds. An entire toolset usually includes 1 sintered metal bonded segmented profile wheel as position 1, 2 sintered continuous profile wheels as positions 3, 4, and 5, and 2 resined polishing wheels as positions 6 and 7. All kinds of CNC wheels for CNC machines and sector master machines are available from us, due to our strong R&D capability, a team of skilled professionals, and a good management system, we can guarantee good and consistent quality.

Additional information

Product Details:

Thickness: 20mm,30mm,40mm

Bore: Standard bore is 35mm, 22mm. Our wide ranges of profile wheels are suitable for use on all major CNC machines

Cutting Condition: Wet Use

Application: Natural stone Granite, Marble, Engineered or Others

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