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Diamond Granite Cutting Disc for Bridge Cutting Machine

The AME Granite diamond blade is our specialty product, designed to cut fast, clean and quiet. We have developed many formulas to create various diamond cutting discs that are suitable for granites of various hardness. It works well at the Bridge cutting machines and CNC Sawjet machines. Ours 14″ Granite AA grade Blades are cutting at 10 ft per minute and faster, with super clean cuts and great life. In terms of sizes and shapes of diamond segments, we are specialists in making different kinds to fit any market and any stone.

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Product Details:


1. Cuts fast and last long, has stable performance, and high-grade diamonds

2. Available in different bonds and with the correct segment size

3. Reduces cutting and working time by working safely, quietly, and precisely

4. Excellent adaptability without chipping



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