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Antique Abrasive Brush Diamond Antique Polishing Brush for Stone

Styles: Steel brush, Antique Brush, Diamond Brush
Grit: 24# – 1500#
Material: Diamond, Steel, Silicon carbide + 612 nylon
Thread: M14 or 5/8”-11, Snail lock, Velcro
Size: 4 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches, Frankfurt, Fickert
Applied Machine: Auto-grinding and polishing machine
Application: grinding stone surface

Additional information

Product Details:

There are several types of grinding brushes, such as diamond abrasive brushes, steel brushes, and antique brushes. The diamond brush contains 20% diamond, steel brushes is made of steel wire and antiquing brushes materials are silicon carbide, all of them are mainly to make the leather finish on the marble, granite, and artificial stone surface to get an antique appearance. It can process all kinds of stones, which can not only make the slabs skid-proof but also actual antique style.

To match different machines, there have different connector threads and shapes, like the Fickert brush, Frankfurt brush, and Round brush.

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