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Air Water Sander and Pneumatic Wet Grinder for Stone Polishing

An air tool is one of the safest tools when using water to cut or polish stone;

Water output can be adjusted, and it serves as dust-free and cooling during operation;

The speed can be adjusted depending on your needs, there are three gears;

Easy to operate, with a stable body.

Additional information

Product Details:

This heavy-duty pneumatic polisher is capable of polishing, grinding, and cutting for stone surfaces or edges like Granite Marble or Engineered. It’s exhaust air from the rear, water can be discharged from the middle hole and the side pipe. The Air Water Sander and Pneumatic Grinder with water use are safe and powerful.

We also supply diamond cup wheels, polishing pads, rubber adapter, and 4″, 5″ turbo cutting blade for your choice.

Air Consumption: 16cfm
Air Pressure: 90Psi
Shaft Thread: 5/8″-11; M14
Air Inlet: 1/4″ Npt
Max Pad Diameter: 5″
Variable Speed: 10,000rmp

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