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About us

Xiamen AME Diamond Tools specializes in the production and sales of a full range of quality diamond stone tools. Includes Diamond Cutting Saw Blades, Stone Profiled Wheels, Grinding Discs, Diamond Polishing pads, Drilling Tools, Diamond Tools for CNC machines, and so on. Additionally, we offer air grinding and polishing tools for the stone surface process.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality tools and services. Take advantage of our products, service, and competitive pricing.

To make our sintered blades cutting faster and lasting longer, we researched exclusive sintered technologies. The majority of our turnover is spent on research and development so we can continually provide our customers with high-performance diamond tools that keep them competitive while providing marble and granite and a flawless finish.

What we do

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality tools and services. Take advantage of our products, service, and competitive pricing.

About Wet Air Polisher

Since 2017, we have imported much advanced types of equipment to improve our quality and production, and have been expanding our pneumatic polishing tool workshop every year. Presently, the annual production of rear exhaust polisher exceeds 40,000 units, and the newest side exhaust water is close to 30,000 units. Both at home and abroad, our products are highly acclaimed.

CNC Machine Series Tools

Our current CNC tool series has grown and matured over the past ten years through research, production, and customer feedback, with many times improvements.

Diamond Segment

As a diamond tool manufacturer, the segment is of utmost importance. It indicates whether the product is sharp enough, durable enough, and efficient enough. Our company follows strict quality control procedures from formula research and development through powder modulation, hot pressing, and welding to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

modern equipment

Our commitment to offering high quality products is backed by our modern management, advanced technology, quality assurance system, creative energy, and best customer service.

production machine
production machine
polishing machine
produce machine
Auto Welding machine

Our mission

Our factory has more than 20 years of production experience, insisting on modern management, advanced technology, strict quality control system, strong production capacity, and best service as the basis to provide you with quality products.

Not only produce high cost-effective products for common stone, but we can also do customize different formulations according to your special material to achieve better results. We have a lot of experience and success stories in popular materials processing like Dekton, Quartz, Ceramic, Mosaic, etc.,

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